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Accelerate the Growth of Technology to Mitigate High Risk Environments and improving Human Existence.


Building Future Proof Customised Automated Systems for Defence Countermeasures and Human Security in Extreme and Extraordinary Environments.


HadEON©: A single-platform Architecture, built to deploy lvlAlpha Damage Control System, integrating existing Infrastructure on Marine Vessels, providing latest Technological advancements of Crew Wearable Defence-IoT devices built for Distress or Disaster Situations

HadEON© is a first of its kind Marine Crew Vitals + Location + Activity Tracker integrated into lvlAlpha DCS

More About HadEON©


HadEON© is a Wearable Defence -IoT Crew Vitals and Location Tracker which Integrates into lvlAlpha Damage Control System (DCS) onboard any marine vessel.


Our Systems are Customised to Suit your Vessels and existing DCS infrastructure.

A Complete overhaul to retrofit of only HadEON©, we give you specific Solutions.

Our DCS comes with an Additional OnBoard/OffShore Training Simulator for Realistic Training of Crew on Damage Control and Operations of any specific Ship as per integration requirements.

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HadEON© integrates into any existing DCS or Battle DCS, or lvlAlpha provides end to end solution for a new DCS.

For every day functions of Personnel Tracking, Access Control and Onboard Crew Navigation HadEON© provides a Top Range Reliable solution.

For Distress to Disaster scenario the DCS integrated HadEON© ensures minimising Casualty and Structural Losses..

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Future Concept Design

An Optical Image Stabilised Body Camera and wearable/portable display is integrated into the HadEON©, which also incorporates Pre-Mapped Ship Layout.

The HadEON© wearing Crew Member gets Augmented Vision on the Display of his location, showing Power Supplies, System Locations, DCS elements, Emergency Features, Notifications and Alarms.

The same system is also available for the OBTS version for Crew Familiarisation and Training.

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At lvlAlpha, we’re building an organisation for solving problems with talented individuals who share our passion to change the world.

Our culture is focused, fast-paced, energetic and innovative.

We believe an inclusive environment in which everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, physicality or background, can do their best work..

Opportunities at lvlAlpha

We work on Marine Grade Electronics, Defence IoT, Wearable Tech, Augmented Reality, Machine Vision and Indigenous Softwares for our esteemed Clients in Navy and Marine Sector.

We are accepting Applicants with Bright, Hardworking talent and our Shared Vision.

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Why Work at lvlAlpha?

We believe in Growth, Opportunity, Inclusiveness and Hard-work.

We are a Millennial company where you have upto Three Day weekends and an intense but fruitful minimum 36Hour work week.

We encourage Ambition and Innovative Ideas. Our Vision is aligned to our Team's Goals. We are building a future with Technology integrated..

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Fields of Hiring

We prefer Sector Specialists from (not limited to) : Electronics and Communication, Computer Science, Electrical, Industrial Engineering,

Embedded, ML/MV, Mechanical, Mechatronics,Graphic Design, Marine, Manufacturing, Ops and Robotics.

Our non-technical roles include, but are not limited to: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Sales.

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How to Apply?

Please apply online at contact@lvlalpha.com

Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted if there is interest in your candidacy.

We expect a well crafted Resume, Covering Letter, References, Self-Evaluation Forms and Case Studies from every successful Applicant.

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